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Fun at the Fair

Leprechaun Kingdom

A larger-than-life Blarney Castle balloon jump opens the gateway to Leprechaun Kingdom, a magic world of little people, costumed story-tellers, games of golden chance and more for the little lads and lassies in your clan.

Land Bubble RollersTM They are padded much larger versions of our Water Bubble RollersTM. Our original one of a kind Land Zorb Bubble RollersTM are soooo much fun. Run around inside a Bubble RollerTM safely and bash into or race your friends.  Please don’t be fooled by some imitation land Bubbles offered by other companies now. They are not the real Bubble RollersTM, and do not have our unique patent pending safety nets and arenas.

Inflatable Shooting Range This cool new attraction offers patrons the experience of shooting automatic and semi-automatic airsoft machine gun style rifles in a mobile fully safe and controlled arena. We provide free keep sake targets and the adrenaline rush that goes along with this fun activity. No-one else in the western USA offers this so give your patrons this original 1 of a kind event experience.

Radical Run Obstacle Course and other inflatables: Our huge Radical Run Obstacle Course will provide hours of fun for everyone. One of the longest in the industry with lots of obstacles , slides, climbing walls etc.

Quad Bungee System: This great Quad Person Bungee is the best Bungee in the Industry and so popular at fairs, carnivals etc. 4 People can participate at a time unlike many competitors that can only operate 2-3 at a time.

FUN at the FAIR


Freckled face kids competition

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