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What's happening at the Big Irish Fair


As usual, a host of great Irish bands will be performing at the BIG Irish Fair. You can find a list of the confirmed acts here.

Traditional Irish Music

Both the harp and fiddle will feature heavily at the Irish Fair

Bag Pipers

The Pacific Coast Highlanders and the Los Angeles Police Emerald Society Bag Pipe Bands will perform. In addition to leading the Big Grand Parade of the Irish each day the will march and perform throughout the day in various areas of the fair grounds. You can find out more about the pipers here:

Los Angeles Emerald Society

Pacific Coast Highlanders


The Irish Dancing is hosted by The McNulty School of Dance. Erin Scott-Haines, will be overseeing the Irish dancing on Irish Fair stages and including many different Irish dance schools. 

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

There will also be a Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann stage full of cultural activities - Irish music lessons, traditional music sessions, storytelling, Irish language demonstrations and instruction, set dancing, etc. 


Visit the Ireland of legend and lore while strolling through Tara Village, a historical re-enactment showcasing 16 centuries of Ireland's past, meeting many of the Ireland most historical characters as you stroll. Set in a rolling pastoral setting, the fairgoer will see and hear the melodies of maidens playing their harps, and observe the ancient Celtic warriors in battle. The area, while similar to other renaissance festivals, covers a much wider period of Ireland’s history. While visiting this land of lore the, you can watch arts and crafts made by hand and then have the chance to buy them.​

In addition to Ireland's ancient past you’ll be treated to displays of more current historical periods of both Ireland and Irish America.  Groups representing Ireland's fight for independence against Britain and Irish America's involvement in the United States Civil War will present re-enactments of those events.


Many Irish Import and gift shop vendors, along with the unique handmade wares of old world artisans, will line the gaily decorated market places and Tara Village, making for a shopper’s dream. Irish crystal, Beleek china, claddagh jewelry of every description, hand woodcarvings, imported Irish breads, pastries and candy, fine Irish lace, and much, much more will all be found at the Irish Fair Marketplace.


The Grand Parade of the Irish, with bag pipe bands galore, the great march of Irish historical flags, marching bands aplenty, medieval Irish clans and warriors and hundreds of other costumed performers will lead the Irish around the Fair in the mid-day

This is one of many photo opportunities at the fair.  

The parade marches into the Shamrock Bowl Stage where the parade participants meet the Lord Mayor of the Irish Fair.


One of the biggest crowd pleasers at the Irish Fair is the Sheep Herding Show, capturing the feel of touring the Irish countryside and seeing farmers and their dogs crossing the road with 30,50 or sometimes 100 sheep


On display will be Irish terriers, Irish setters, Irish kerry blues, Irish water spaniels, and of course the Irish wolfhounds in the largest exhibition of all-breeds Irish Dog Show in western America.  Specially featured is the Irish wolfhound, “The king of dogs and the dog of kings.”

The sport of coursing – the pursuit of swift game by swift hounds –  has been done since the days of the ancient Egyptians.

Coursing remains the same breath-taking spectacle it has been for thousands of years, and it is filled with the excitement of beautiful hounds exerting themselves to the limit. In lure coursing, the lure is several white plastic bags tied to a line attached to a machine made from a starter motor. The lure is dragged at between 35 and 40 mph across a pre-arranged course or a continuous loop course. The course is setup to simulate the way in which a rabbit would run. There are 90 degree turns, long straights and even crossovers in the course.


We will host both Catholic and non-denominational Protestant church services on Sunday morning at 10am. Enjoy a stirring open-air service amid the parkland.  Admission to the Irish Fair is required for attendance.


There will be a massive selection of traditional and non-traditional food and drink available to buy. More information to come.

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